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How to Order

Ordering with GR Print is easy! Place your order online, submit your artwork, check your email to see if it went through and finally just log-in to the site to see your job status under the YOUR ACCOUNT on the botom left.


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  • 1. Order by web at www.grprint.com (You must have account to work at us)
  • 2. Submit your resale permit to sales@grprint.com

Submit Art

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  • 1. Submit by Website Upload
  • 2. Submit by FTP(File Transfer Protocol)

Follow Up

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  • 1. Follow up your order by checking your email on the account for confirmation.
  • 2. Follow up your order by phone (877) 744-6818

Check Job Status

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  • 1. Log-in
  • 2. Go to the Right Navigation
  • 3. Select Job Status
  • 4. Seek Active Jobs and your order